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Captain/Realtor® Chris Achilles

The Reel Estate Captain team is quickly becoming known as Cape Coral’s Waterfront Specialists providing their clients with their full scope real estate services with a unique dockside approach. Captain/Realtor® Chris Achilles leads the team with helping southwest Floridians to fulfill their dreams to (as their slogans sums it up) “ LIVE ON THE WATER , PLAY ON THE WATER ”. With backgrounds in waterfront real-estate, fishing, boating and all of the pleasures that come with living on the water, Chris and his team combine their efforts bringing a level of service specifically tailored to Gulf coast living at its best.

“The majority of our customers enjoy the waterfront lifestyle as much as we do” says Chris Achilles “the fact that we have this immediate bond from the beginning makes for one terrific business relationship after another…Life is Good! ”... “It’s a huge selling point to be able to show clients the just how easy it is to take full advantage of waterfront living…and we are here to help them every step of the way…from finding the right home and location to fit their boating experience and interests.”

REC provides charter services for viewing Real Estate assisting both buyers and sellers unmatched service by providing exposure of properties listed for sale from the water. "We have found that this selling approach bolsters interest by, not only, effectively marketing the home, but also, selling the recreational side of living on the water; showing buyers the full potential of the home as well as fun filled days of water activities."

Whether you are considering buying or selling a home or simply interested in getting to know the waterways in and around Cape Coral, The Reel Estate Captain’s team is uniquely qualified to assist you and your family contact us today!




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